These are all fields that are played on. Most games will be played in the lower mainland. I have listed these more for a reference. 

Abbotsford Traditional Middle School2272 Windsor St,  Abbotsford
Adams Road18228 68 Ave, Surrey
A.D. Rundle Jr. Sec45660 Hocking Avenue, Chilliwack
A.J. McLellan Elem Sch16545 61 Avenue Surrey
Abbotsford Exhibition Park32470 Haida Drive Abbotsford
Adanac ParkAdanac & Boundary Vancouver
A.H.P.Matthews132 Street & 98 Avenue
Aggie Park3020 Flint St Port Coquitlam
Albert McMahon Elem School32865 Cherry Ave Mission
Albion Elementary10031 240 a St, Maple Ridge
Albion Park24325 104 Ave Maple Ridge
Albion Sports Complex240 St & 104 Ave Maple Ridge (Star is close)
Albion Sports Park104 Ave & 240 Street  Maple Ridge (Star is close)
Aldergrove Park ( Parkside )27010 32 Ave Aldergrove
Alex Hope Elementary21150 - 85 Avenue, Langley
Alice Brown20011 44 Ave, Langley
Alexander Robinson Field11849 - 238B St, Maple Ridge
Alouette Elementary22155 Isaac Cres, Maple Ridge
Alouette Park22155 Isaac Cres, Maple Ridge
Ambleside ParkMarine Drive & 11 St
Andre Piolat School3200 Mahon Ave North Vancouver
Andy Livingstone Park TurfBetween Carral St, & Quebec St, Vancouver
Annieville Lions Park11400 91A Ave Delta
Argyle School1131 Frederick Rd, North Vancouver
Aspenwood Elementary2001 Panorama Drive Port Moody
Association Park4645 60B St Ladner
Babich Park33404 Wren Crescent, Abbotsford
Bakerview Park1845 154 St Surrey
Bakerview North, South & West32622 Marshall Road, Abbotsford
Balaclava Park4510 Balaclava Street, Vancouver
Balmoral School3365 Mahon Avenue North Vancouver
Banting Oval820 Banting Street Coquitlam
Barnard ParkBarnard Dr. & Westminster Hwy, Richmond
Bateman Park34665 Bateman Rd Abbotsford
Bateman School35045 Exbury Ave, Abbotsford
Beach Grove Elementary5955 - 17a Ave Tsawwassen
Beach Grove Park5955 - 17a Ave Tsawwassen
Beaconsfield ParkSlocan St & East 17 Ave. Vancouver
Beaconsfield EastSlocan St & East 17 Ave. Vancouver
Bear Creek Park13750 - 88 Ave Surrey
Bell Park5910 49 A Ave Ladner
Bell Park20510 36 Ave, Langley
Berkshire Park9283 - 154 St, Surrey
Blakeburn Elementary1040 Riverside Drive , Port Coquitlam
Blue Mountain Park975 King Albert Ave, Coquitlam
Blueridge Elementary2650 Bronte Dr North Vancouver
Blueridge Park2465 Berkley Rd North Vancouver
Blundell School6480 Blundell Road Richmond
Bobolink ParkNanaimo St & East 61 Ave
Bolivar Park13591 Crestview Dr Surrey
Bonaccord Park14962 98 Ave Surrey
Bonsor Park6550 Bonsor Avenue, Burnaby
Boulevard Park1480 Moody Ave, North Vancouver
Boundary School Park12332 Boundary Drive North Surrey
Boundary Bay Elementary1100 56 Street Tsawwassen
Bowen Island School1041 Mt. Gardner Road Bowen Island
Boyd Park 1- 4 & Oval4040 Francis Rd Richmond
Bradner528523 Haverman Rd, Abbotsford
Braemar Elem. School3600 Mahon Ave
Braemar Park West895 W 27th Avenue & Willow Street, Vancouver
Bramble Park2800 Panorama Drive Coquitlam
Bramblewood2800 Panorama Drive Coquitlam
Brandrith Park5024 12 Ave Delta
Brennan Park 1-7 + TurfLogger's Lane between Centennial Way & Finch Drive
Brewers ParkVictoria Drive & East 26 Ave Vancouver
Bridgeview Park114 Ave & 126A St, Surrey
Brighouse Park7840 Granville Avenue, Richmond
Brighouse School Pk6800 Azure Road, Richmond
Britannia School1001 Cotton Drive, Vancouver
Brookmere Park560 Austin Avenue, Coquitlam
Brooksbank Elementary980 E. 13th St North Vancouver
Brooksbank Park980 E. 13th St North Vancouver
Brookside8510 142 A St Surrey
Brookswood20902 37 A Ave, Langley
Brothers ParkPark Road & Gibson Way, Gibsons BC
Brown Road24010 51 Ave Langley
Burnaby 200Underhill Ave &  8100 Forest Grove Dr Burnaby
Burnaby Central School4939 Canada Way Burnaby
Burnaby Heights ParkN Esmond Ave & Eton St Burnaby
Burnaby Lake Sports ComplexSprott St & Sperling Ave Burnaby
Burnaby Lake West TurfLaurel St & Kensington Ave, Burnaby
Burnaby North Sec Sch Turf751 Hammarskjold Drive Burnaby
Burnaby North TurfFell Ave & Frances St Burnaby
Burnett Secondary School5011 Granville Avenue Richmond (rear of school)
Burquitlam Park600 Smith Avenue, Coquitlam
Burnsview School7658 - 112 Street, Delta
Byrne Creek Turf7777 18 St, Burnaby
Caledonia ParkWall St. off Bowen 110 Wall Street
Cambie Secondary School4151 Jacombs Road Richmond
Canyon Heights Elem. School4501 Highland Blvd North Vancouver
Capilano Elem. School1230 W. 20th St North Vancouver
Cariboo Oval & Lower8580 16th Ave Burnaby
Cariboo ParkCariboo Road & Armstrong Ave Burnaby
Carisbrooke School510 East Carisbrooke Rd North Vancouver
Carnarvon ParkWest 16 Ave & Mackenzie St Vancouver
Carnarvon School3400 Balaclava Street Vancouver
Carson Graham School2145 Jones Ave North Vancouver
Cascade SchoolSmith Ave & Fir St Burnaby
Caulfield4685 Keith Road West Vancouver
Caulfield Elementary4685 Keith Road
Cedar Grove1196 Chaster Rd Gibsons, BC
Cedar ParkPrairie Ave & Cedar Dr Port Coquitlam
Centennial Elementary2527 Gladwin Road Abbotsford
Centennial FieldsMain Playing Fields Squamish
Centennial Oval585 Poirier Street Coquitlam
Centennial ParkAnderson St & Vine Ave, Surrey
Central ParkKingsway & Patterson Ave Burnaby
Chaldecott Park4200 Crown St Vancouver
Chalmers Park11410 76A Ave Delta
Champlain ParkEast 54 Ave & Tyne St Vancouver
Champlain Heights Community Centre3350 Maquinna Drive Vancouver
Charles Best School2525 Como Lake Ave Coquitlam
Charleson ParkLaurel St & Charleson Rd, Vancouver
Chartwell Elementary AW1300 Chartwell Drive, West Vancouver
Chief Maquinna School2684 East 2 Ave, Vancouver
Chilliwack Forces Base Field45200 Keith Wilson Road, Sardis
Chilliwack Exhibition ParkHodgins Ave & Corbould St, Chilliwack
Chilliwack Jr. Sec.46354 Yale Road, Chilliwack
Chilliwack Oval9291 Corbould Street
Chilliwack Sr. Sec.46363 Yale Rd Chilliwack
Chimney Heights14610 74 Ave Surrey
China Creek ParkEast 7th & Glenn Dr, Vancouver
China Creek North Park2200 St. Catherines St Vancouver
Chris Zuehlke Park1900 Wolfe St North Vancouver
Citadel1265 Citadel Dr Port Coquitlam
Clark ParkEast 15 Ave & Commercial Dr Vancouver
Clayburn Middle School35139 Laburnum Ave, Abbotsford
Clayton Park18499 70 Ave, Surrey
Cleveland ParkCapilano Rd & Prospect Ave North Vancouver
Cleveland School1255 Eldon Road North Vancouver
Cleveland School AW1255 Mt Crown Rd North Vancouver
Cliff Gilker Park3106 Hwy-101, Sunshine Coast
Cliff Park25100 116 Avenue, Maple Ridge
Clinton Park N & S1610 Penticton St Vancouver
Cloverdale Athletic Park # 1Old Turf - 6410 168 St Surrey
Cloverdale Athletic Park # 2Fenced Field - 6410 168 St Surrey
Cloverdale Athletic Park # 3New Turf - 6410 168 St Surrey
Cloverdale Athletic Park # 4N.E. Corner - 6410 168 St Surrey
Cloverdale Athletic Park #5South Field - 6410 168 St Surrey
Cloverdale Ball Park17310 61A Ave Cloverdale
Cloverley Elementary550 Hendry Ave, North Vancouver
Coast Meridan8210 168 a St Surrey
Collingwood ParkEuclid Ave & Taunton St Vancouver
Columbia Park5908 Alberta St Vancouver
Confederation Park (Turf)2145 Jones Avenue, North Vancouver
Confederation Park (Lower)Willingdon Ave & Pandora St Burnaby
Confederation Park (Upper)Gamma Ave & Pandora St Burnaby
Connaught ParkWest 12 Ave & Vine St Vancouver
Cougar Creek Park7011 122 St Surrey
Cove Cliff Elem School1818 Banbury Rd North Vancouver
Creekside Park27400 - 28 Ave Aldergrove
Crescent Park2625 132 St Surrey
Cromie Park4995 42 B Ave, Ladner
Cypress Park4355 Marine Dr West Vancouver
D.W.Poppy Secondary23753 - 52 Ave Langley
David Brankin9160-128 St Surrey
David Lam ParkDrake St & Pacific Boulevard Vancouver
Delair ParkOld Yale Rd & Delair Rd Abbotsford
Delbrook ParkW Queens Rd & Delbrook Ave North Vancouver
Delview Park11650 92 Ave Delta
Delview Secondary9111 116 St Delta, BC
Dennis Elsom Turf Field112 St & 84 Avenue, North Delta
Dennison Park5280 7A Ave Delta
Denny Ross Memorial Park21860 Old Yale Road Langley
Diefenbaker School10401 Truro Dr Richmond
Diefenbaker Park99 Diefenbaker Wynd, Tsawwassen
Dixon School Park9331 Diamond Rd Richmond
Don Christian Park6220 184 St Surrey
Dorothy Lynas Elementary4000 Inlet Crescent North Vancouver
Dorothy Peacock School20292 91A Ave Langley
Douglas ParkWest 20 Ave & Heather St Vancouver
Douglas School7550 Victoria Dr Vancouver
Dover5580 Lynas Lane Richmond
Dow-Delta Bar Fishing ParkRiver Road & Huston Road Delta
Dugald Morrison Turf Field5755 Mountain View Blvd, Delta
Eagle Harbour5575 Marine Drive West Vancouver
Eagle Ridge Park2600 Runnel Dr Coquitlam
Earles Park40 Ave E & Killarney St Vancouver
East Brookswood Park21210 42 Ave Langley
East Clayton Elem. School18610 72 Ave Surrey
Eastview Elem. School1801 Mountain Hwy North Vancouver
Edmonds School7651 18 Ave Burnaby
Eldon Park4010 Ruby Ave North Vancouver
Elm ParkWest 41 Ave & Larch St Vancouver
Elphinstone School840 Sunshine Coast Hwy, Gibsons
Endersby Park5750 Clark Drive, North Delta
Enver Creek Park E & W8190 146 St Surrey
Eric Hamber School5025 Willow Street Vancouver
Erma Stevenson15920 110 Ave Surrey
Evergreen ParkCedar Dr & Lombardy Dr Port Coquitlam
Exhibition ParkHodgins Ave & Corbould St, Chilliwack
Exhibition ParkMacLure Rd & Trethewey St Abbotsford
Fairfield Island Sportsfield46213 Clare Ave, Chilliwack
Falaise ParkFalaise Ave & Worthington Dr Vancouver
Fell FieldsFell Ave & Francis St Burnaby
F.G. Leary Sportsfield9320 Walden St, Chilliwack
Fleetwood Park15802 80 Ave Surrey
Forsythe10635 140th St Surrey
Fox Oval1110 Riverwood Gate, Port Coquitlam
Fox ParkRiverside Drive & Po Ave, Port Coquitlam
Frank Hurt S.S.13828 77 Ave Surrey
Fraser Heights S. S.16060-108 Avenue, Surrey
Fraser River ParkWest 75 Ave & Angus Dr Vancouver
Fraserview Park7600 Victoria Dr, Vancouver
Fromme Elem. School3657 Fromme Rd North Vancouver
Frost Road Park8607 164 Street, Surrey
Ft. Langley NorthSt. Andrews Ave & Nash Street Langley
Ft. Langley SouthSt. Andrews Ave & Nash Street Langley
Garden ParkEast 2 Ave & Templeton St Vancouver
Gaston Park3478 Euclid Ave, Vancouver
Gates ParkReeve St and Wilson Ave Port Coquitlam
General Brock ParkEast 29 Ave & Nanaimo St Vancouver
General Gordon School2896 West 6th Ave, Vancouver
George Greenaway17285 61A Avenue, Surrey
George ParkEast 63 Ave & St George St Vancouver
Gladstone School4105 Gladstone St Vancouver
Glen Eagle School1195 Lansdowne Dr, Coquitlam
Glen ParkWindsor Way & Pipeline Rd, Coquitlam
Grays ParkEast 33 Ave & Windsor St Vancouver
Glenayre Elementary School495 Glencoe Dr Port Moody
Gleneagle High School1195 Lansdowne Dr, Coquitlam
Gleneagles Elementary6350 Marine Dr West Vancouver
Glenwood Elementary21410 Glenwood Ave Maple Ridge
Goldstone Park5812 - 146 Street, Surrey
Gordon ParkEast 49 Ave & Argyle Vancouver
Grant Park31800 Madiera Pl, Abbotsford
Grauer School Park4440 Blundell Road Richmond
Greenaway17285 61A Avenue, Surrey
Greendale Elementary6621 Sumas Prairie Rd, Chilliwack
William Griffin Park851 W Queens Rd North Vancouver
Grimstone Park1898 Nanaimo St New Westminster
Guildford Heights Park10310 154 St Surrey
Gunderson Park7630 117 Street, North Delta
GW Graham Middle School45955 Thomas Rd, Chilliwack
Hamber TurfWest 33rd Avenue & Oak, Vancouver
Hamber Turf AWest 33rd Avenue & Oak, Vancouver
Hamilton Field23280 Gilley Road, Richmond
Hammond Elementary11520 203 St Maple Ridge
Hammond Old11525 207 St, Maple Ridge
Hammond New11555 207 St, Maple Ridge
Hammond Stadium11555 207 St, Maple Ridge
Hampton Park1760 Paddock Dr, Coquitlam
Handsworth Sec. School1044 Edgewood Rd North Vancouver
Haney E & W116 Ave & Lougheed Hwy, Maple Ridge
Harris Park12500 Harris Rd Pitt Meadows
Harry Sayers Elementary31321 Blueridge Drive Abbotsford
Harwood ParkCanada Way & Hardwick St Burnaby
Hastings Bowl4437 Hastings St, Burnaby
Hasting Community ParkEast Hastings & Lillooet St, Vancouver
Hastings ParkRenfrew St & Cambridge St, Vancouver
Hatzic High School34800 Dewdney Trunk Rd., Mission
Hatzic Park8400 Draper St, Mission
Hawthorne Park5160 56 St, Ladner
HD Stafford School20441 Grade Rd, Langley
Hellings Park11805 86 a Ave, Delta
Heritage Mountain Elementary125 Ravine Dr Port Moody
Heritage Park High School33700 Prentis Ave, Mission
Heritage Woods1300 David Ave, Port Moody
Heywood Park N & S2099 Hamilton Ave, North Vancouver
Highland Park Elementary18961 Advent Rd, Pitt Meadows
Highlands Elem. School3150 Colwood Dr North Vancouver
Hillcrest School2161 Regan Ave, Coquitlam
Hillcrest Park (Surrey)18499 65 Avenue Surrey
Hillcrest Park (Vancouver)East 29 Ave & Ontario St Vancouver
Hjorth Road Park10275 148 St, Surrey
Hollyburn School1329 Duchess Ave. West Vancouver
Holly Park Turf, Lower & Upper4630 62 St Ladner
Holly Park10706 148 St Surrey
Honda Field13240 Worster Ct, Richmond
Hugh Boyd Park4040 Francis Rd Richmond
Hugo Ray Park1290 3 Street, West Vancouver
Hume Park Field590 Kelly St New Westminster
Inlet ParkMurray St. & Electronic Ave, Port Moody
Inter-River Park # 11299 Premier St, North Vancouver
Inter-River Park # 2 to 81301 Lillooet Road, North Vancouver
Irwin Park2455 Haywood Ave West Vancouver
James Hill School22144 Old Yale Rd, Langley
James Kennedy School9060 212 St Langley
James Park Elementary1761 Westminster Ave Port Coquitlam
Jamieson School AW6300 Tisdall St, Vancouver
Jericho Beach ParkBelmont & Discovery St Vancouver
Jericho Turf1515 Discovery Street, Vancouver
Joe Brown Park5381 125 A St Surrey
John Hendry ParkVictoria Drive & East 15 Ave Vancouver
John Oliver Municipal Park11499 Ladner Trunk Rd, Delta
Jonathon Rogers Park2300 Columbia St Vancouver
Jones Park5410 Victoria Drive, Vancouver
Jordan Park21030 117 Ave Maple Ridge
Kanaka Creek Elementary11120 234 A St Maple Ridge
Keith Lynn Alternate School1290 Shavington St North Vancouver
Kennedy Park9058 Holt Rd Surrey
Kennedy Trail Elementary8305 122A St Surrey
Kensington Park N & SEast 33 Ave & Knight St Vancouver
Kerrisdale Park39 W and Maple St, Vancouver
Kerrisdale Upper & LowerWest 41st Ave & Carnarvon St Vancouver
Kidd School Park10851 Shell Rd Richmond
Kilgour Park8580 Kilgour Place, Richmond
Killarney ParkEast 49 Ave & Kerr St, Vancouver
Kilmer Park Grass & AW1700 Dempsey Rd, North Vancouver
King George ParkCambie Rd and Jacombs Rd, Richmond
Kingcrest ParkEast 26 Ave & Knight St, Vancouver
Kingsford-Smith School6910 Elliott St, Vancouver
Kingswood11511 King Rd, Richmond
Kinnickinnick ParkRipple Way & Sandpiper Road, Sechelt
Kinsmen Park26770 29 Ave Aldergrove
Kinsman N & S26770 29th Ave, Aldergrove
Kinsmen North1900 Jones Ave, North Vancouver
Kinsmen Stadium1700 Jones Ave, North Vancouver
Kirkstone Park2300 Kirkstone Rd, North Vancouver
Kisby ParkDufferin Ave & Irving St, Burnaby
Klahanie1910 Glenaire Dr, West Vancouver
Kwantlen Park13035 104 Ave, Whalley
Kwantlen EastGlover Rd & Gabriel Ln Langley
Kwantlen WestGlover Rd & Gabriel Ln Langley
Kwayhquitlam3280 Flint St. Port Coquitlam
Ladner Elementary5016 44 Ave Ladner
Ladner Harbour Park4905 McNeely's Way, Ladner
Ladner Lions Park4900 Westminster Ave Ladner
LA Matheson9484 122 St Surrey
Laityview Elementary21023 123 Ave Maple Ridge
Langley Central Fund School21250 42 Ave Langley
Langley Fundamental4100 212 St, Langley
Langley City Park4910 207 St, Langley
Langley Meadows2244 Willoughby Way Langley
Langley Meadows Park64 Avenue at 198 Street, Langley
Langley Senior Secondary213a St & 56 Ave Langley
Laronde ParkLaronde Dr & 131 St, Surrey
Larson School2605 Larson Rd, North Vancouver
Laura Secord School2500 Lakewood Drive, Vancouver
Laurier School7350 Laurel St, Vancouver
L'Ecole Bilingue1166 W. 14 Ave, Vancouver
Leisure Centre7621 Taulbut St Mission
Leslie Park5500 50 Ave Ladner
Lillooet Park2055 Purcell Way North Van - West side
Linwood Park20100 55 a Ave, Langley
Linwood Park - Diamond20100 55 a Ave, Langley
Lionel Courchene Park9900 154 St Surrey
Livingstone School315 East 23rd Ave. Vancouver
London Park6440 Williams Rd Richmond
Lonsdale Elem. School2151 Lonsdale Ave North Vancouver
Lord Nelson School2235 Kitchener St Vancouver
Lord Nelson School A/W2235 Kitchener St Vancouver
Loutet Park1640 Rufus Ave North Vancouver
Lucas Centre AKA William Lucas CentreHamilton Ave & 21 St North Vancouver
Lynn Valley Elem. School3250 Mountain Hwy North Vancouver
Lynn Valley Park3570 Mountain Hwy North Vancouver
Lynnmour Elem. School800 Forsman Ave, North Vancouver
Mackie ParkWadham Dr & 82 Ave Delta
Mackin ParkNelson St & Brunette Ave Coquitlam
MacNeill School Park6611 No.4 Road, Richmond
Mahon Park1700 Jones Ave, North Vancouver
Mahon AW1700 Jones Ave, North Vancouver
Maillard Middle School1370 Hammond Ave Coquitlam
Manoah Steves10111 4th Ave, Richmond
Maple Creek Middle School3700 Hastings St Coquitlam
Maple Crescent Park5300 Maple Cres, Ladner
Maple Grove ParkYew Street & Marine Dr Vancouver
Maple Ridge Park Upper232 and Fern Crescent, Maple Ridge
Maplewood Comm. School420 Seymour River Pl North Vancouver
Maquinna School2684 East 2 Ave, Vancouver
Martha Currie Jr. Secondary18410 58 Ave Surrey
Mather's Field36367 Stephen Leacock Dr. Abbotsford
McBride ParkWest 5 Ave & Blenheim St Vancouver
McBride School1300 E 29th Ave, Vancouver
McCartney Creek ParkOrkney Pl & Larkhall Cres North Vancouver
McClughan Park9175 206 St Langley
McKitrick Park7800 112 St Delta
McLean ParkGeorgia St & Heatley Ave Vancouver
McLean ParkGrant Ave & Wellington St Port Coquitlam
McMath4040 Regent St, Richmond
McNair School Park9460 No. 4 Road Richmond
McLeod Athletic Park NW Grass214A St. & 58 Ave
McLeod Athletic Park NE Grass214A St. & 58 Ave
McLeod Athletic Park Turf216 St. & 56 Ave (AKA Neil Mcleod Park or Municipal Athletic Park)
McSpadden ParkEast 5 Ave & Victoria Dr Vancouver
Memorial Park5010 47th Avenue, Ladner
Memorial South ParkEast 41 Ave & Ross St Vancouver
Memorial West ParkWest 33 Ave & Dunbar St Vancouver
Mercer North6th St & 10th Ave New Westminster
Mercer Stadium Oval Field6th St & 10th Ave, New Westminster
Merkley Park12299 221 St, Maple Ridge
Merle Logan Turf2253 Dorman Rd.,  Nanaimo
Michael J. Smith Field21625 56 Ave Langley
Miller Park800 Egmont Avenue, Coquitlam
Miller Park Elem School870 Egmont Ave, Coquitlam
Minnekhada Oval1390 Laurier Ave Port Coquitlam
Minoru Park7191 Granville Ave Richmond
Mission High School32937 - Seventh Ave Mission
Mission Sports Park8020 Oyama Street, Mission
Mitchell School Park12091 Cambie Rd Richmond
Moberley Park (Grass)East 59th Ave & Prince Albert Str, Vancouver
Moberly School (AW)1000 East 59th Avenue Vancouver
Moffat Memorial Park9434 122 St Surrey
Monteray Elem. School721 Chesterfield Avenue North Vancouver
Montgomery OvalMontgomery St & Monterey Ave Coquitlam
Montgomery Park6110 Montgomery St Vancouver
Montroyal Elem. School5310 Sonora Dr North Vancouver
Moody Middle School3115 St. Johns St Port Moody
Moody Park North8th Street & 8th Ave New Westminster
Moody Park South8th Street & 8th Ave New Westminster
Morgan Creek Park3302 156 A St Surrey
Mouat Turf32355 Mouat Drive, Abbotsford
Mount Crescent Elementary21821 122 Ave Maple Ridge
Mountain View Park6190 49 B Ave Ladner
Mt Slesse5871 Tyson Rd., Chilliwack
Mundy Park621 Hillcrest St Coquitlam
Municipal Athletic Park216 St. & 56 Ave (is Neil Mcleod Park)
Murrayville School21860 Old Yale Road, Langley
Musqueam ParkHighbury St & Marine Dr Vancouver
Musqueam Turf4380 Musqueam Drive, Vancouver
Myrtle ParkBanbury Rd & Cove Cliff Rd North Vancouver
Myrtle Philip Elementary School6195 Lorimer Rd Whistler, BC Lower Field
Nanaimo Park6110 Nanaimo St, Vancouver
Neil McLeod Park21625 56 Ave Langley
Nelson Grove5500 Admiral Blvd, Delta
Nelson School - Grass & AW2235 Kitchener St, Vancouver
New Brighton ParkCommissioner St & Wall St, Vancouver (close)
Newton Athletic Park7395 128 St, Surrey
Noel Booth Park20302 36 Ave Langley
Norgate Elem. School1295 Sowden St North Vancouver
Norgate ParkGarden Ave & Marine Dr North Vancouver
Norquay Park5410 Wales Street Vancouver
Norquay School4710 Slocan St Vancouver
Norseman Park2310 Lonsdale Ave, North Vancouver
Norseman Park (dirt)24th and St. Andrews, Vancouver
North Cloverdale West18160 68 Ave, Surrey
North Surrey Community Park15848 97 A Ave Surrey
Oak ParkOak Street & W 59 Ave Vancouver
Odlin ParkOdlin Rd & Fisher Dr Richmond
Oppenheimer ParkCordova St & Dunlevy Ave Vancouver
Palmer ParkGarden City Rd & Dixon Ave Richmond
Pandora Park210 Templeton Dr Vancouver
Panorama Park1469 Johnson St Coquitlam
Parkgate Park1325 Parkgate Ave, North Vancouver
Parkland Elementary School1563 Regan Ave Coquitlam
Parkside3215 270 St Aldergrove
Pauline Johnson1150 22nd St, West Vancouver
Peace Arch Elementary15877 Roper Ave White Rock
Peace Arch Park15877 Roper Ave, White Rock
Pebble Hill Elementary5215 2 Ave Delta
Pebble Hill Park399 Murphy Dr W, Tsawwassen
Percy Perry StadiumPinetree Way & Pinewood Ave Coquitlam
Piccadilly ParkOff Jasper Rd in West Sechelt
Pinewood Elementary11777 Pinewood Dr Delta
Pitt Meadows Athletic ParkJoyner Place & Bonson Road Pitt Meadows
Pitt Meadows High School - Turf19438 - 116B Avenue, Pitt Meadows
Pitt River Oval2070 Tyner St Port Coquitlam
Plymouth Elem. School919 Tollcross Rd North Vancouver
Point Grey High School Turf5350 East Boulevard, Vancouver
Port Guichon Park4500 Kelly Dr Ladner
Port Kells Park19340 88 Ave Surrey
Port Moody Town Centre300 Ioco Rd Port Moody
Porter Elementary School728 Porter St Coquitlam
Prince Edward ParkPrince Edward St & East 21 Ave Vancouver
Prince of Wales ParkWest 32 Ave & Yew St Vancouver
Princess Margaret Park7044 128 St Surrey
Promontory Heights Community School5379 Teskey Rd, Sardis
Queen Elizabeth Elementary16 Ave & Camosun St. Vancouver
Queen School4102 West 16 Ave, Vancouver
Queen Mary SchoolW 5 & 2000 Trimble St Vancouver
Queen Mary Elem. School230 Keith Rd W, North Vancouver
Queen's Park1st St & 3rd Ave New Westminster
Queen's Park Stadium1st St & 3rd Ave New Westminster
Queensborough Middle School833 Salter Steet, Queensborough New Westminster
Queensborough Neighbourhood Park510 Ewen Avenue, New Westminster
Queensbury Elem. School2020 Moody Ave North Vancouver
Queen Victoria School1850 E. 3rd Ave, Vancouver
Quilchena ParkWest 33rd Ave & Cypress St Vancouver
Ranch Park Elementary School2701 Spuraway Ave Coquitlam
RC Garnett7096 201 St, Langley
Reeve ParkReeve St & Wilson Ave Port Coquitlam
Rene Memorial ParkBalmoral St & Sperling Ave Burnaby
Renfrew ParkEast 22 Ave & Renfrew St Vancouver - Nootka
Richmond AT7171 Minoru Blvd Richmond
Richmond High School7171 Minoru Blvd Richmond
Richmond ParkElwell St & Humphries Ave Burnaby
Rideau School Park8560 Demorest Dr Richmond
Ridgeview1250 Kings Ave, West Vancouver
Ridgeview Park31352 Wagner Drive Abbotsford
Ridgeway Annex450 5th St E, North Vancouver
Ridgeway Elem. School420 8th St E, North Vancouver
Riley ParkOntario St & 30th Ave Vancouver
Riverside All-weather field20575 Thorne Ave Maple Ridge
Riverside Elementary20575 Thorne Ave Maple Ridge
Riverview ParkKalamalka Dr & Clearwater Way Coquitlam
Riverview ParkAngus Drive & W 64 Ave Vancouver
Riverway Sports ComplexMarine Way & Nelson Ave Burnaby
Roberta Bondar Elementary32717 Chilcotin Dr . Abbotsford
Robin Park11240 150 St Surrey
Robson Park1410 Pinetree Way Coquitlam
Robson Park12576 100 Ave Surrey
Robson ParkEast 15 Ave & Kingsway Vancouver
Roche Point ParkFairway Dr & Dollar Road North Vancouver
RockRidge5350 Headland Dr West Vancouver
Ron Ralph21625 56 Ave Langley
Ross ParkEast 57 Ave & Ross St Vancouver
Ross Road Elem. School2875 Bushnell Pl North Vancouver
Rotary Sports Field Turf10445 245 Street, Maple Ridge
Rotary Park4600 Clarence Taylor Cres Ladner
Rotary StadiumMacLure Road & Trethewey Street Abbotsford
Roy Stibbs610 Fairview St Coquitlam
Royal Kwantlen Park13035 - 104 Ave Surrey
Royal Oak SchoolKingsway & Nelson Ave Burnaby
Rupert ParkEast 1 Ave & Rupert St Vancouver
Ruskin Park9800 - 280 Street, Maple Ridge
Rutledge ATMarine Drive & 13th St, West Vancouver
Saddle Park34500 Old Clayburn Abbotsford
Samuel Robertson Tech School10445 245 St, Maple Ridge
Sands South10840 82 Ave Delta
Sapperton Park FieldColumbia St & Sherbrooke St New Westminster
Sardis Elem. School45775 Manuel Rd Chilliwack
Sardis Sec. School45460 Stevenson Rd Chilliwack
Sardis Sports Field45725 Britton Ave, Sardis
Scott Creek Middle School1240 Lansdowne Dr Coquitlam
Seaquam Sr High Oval11585 Lyon Rd, Delta
Selvey Park27199 106 Ave, Maple Ridge
Serauxman Sports FieldsJingle Pot Road & Beringer Blvd, Nanaimo
Serpentine Heights Park16151 92 Ave Surrey
Seycove Sec. School1204 Caledonia Ave North Vancouver
Seylynn Park700 Mountain Hwy North Vancouver
Seymour Heights School2640 Carnation St, North Vancouver
Shannon ParkWest 61 Ave & Adera St Vancouver
Shaughnessy Elem SchoolW King Edward Ave & Marguerite St, Vancouver
Sherwood Park Elem. School4085 Dollar Rd North Vancouver
Shirley MacyChamberlin Rd & Goodwin Rd
Silverdale Park29715 Donatelli Ave Mission
Simcoe Park Field810 Royal Ave New Westminster
Slesse 1 & 25871 Tyson Road, Chilliwack
Slocan ParkEast 29 Ave & Slocan St Vancouver
South Aldergrove Park E & W26845 27 Ave, Aldergrove
South Aldergrove Park N & S26770 29 Ave Aldergrove
South Arm Park8870 Williams Rd Richmond
South Delta High School750 53 St, Tsawwassen
Southland School5351 Camosun St, Vancouver
Southland AT North & South1860 Sutherland Ave, North Vancouver
South Meridian16187 - 12 Ave, Surrey
South Park Elementary735 Gilchrist Dr Tsawwassen
South Surrey Athletic Park1925 148 St Surrey
Southridge School/Park2656 160 St Surrey
Sowden Park2300 Lloyd Ave North Vancouver
Sparwood Park6910 Arlington St Vancouver
St. Mary's34110 Lougheed Hwy Mission
Steele Park5490 248 St Langley
Steves Elementary10111 4th Avenue Richmond
Steves Park10311 4th Avenue Richmond
Steveston High School Park10440 No. 2 Rd Richmond
Strathcona ParkCampbell Ave & Prior St Vancouver
Strawberry Hill Park7676 122 St Surrey
Sullivan Heights Park14426 64 Ave Surrey
Sullivan Park6272 152 A St, Surrey
Summit Middle School1450 Parkway Boulevard Coquitlam
Sunbury ParkDunlop Rd & Centre St Delta
Sunnyside Park15455 26 Ave Surrey
Sunrise Park4th & Kennard Ave, North Vancouver
Sunrise ParkEast 3 Ave & Rupert St Vancouver
Sunrise Ridge Elementary18690 60 Ave, Cloverdale
Sunshine Hills ParkCarncross Cres & Bond Blvd Delta
Sutherland Sec. School1860 Sutherland Ave North Vancouver
Swangard Stadium3883 Imperial Street, Burnaby
Talmey School9500 Kilby Dr, Richmond
Tamanawis Field12515 64 Ave, Surrey
Telegraph Trail Park9403 212 Street, Langley
Teloski Stadium11600 231 B St, Maple Ridge
Templeton ParkAdanac St & Garden Dr Vancouver
Terry Fox Park & Oval1260 Riverwood Gate, Port Coquitlam
Terry Fox Secondary School1260 Riverwood Gate, Port Coquitlam
Terry Hughes ParkMcBride Blvd & 8th Ave New Westminster
Thomas Haney11600 231 B St, Maple Ridge
Thompson ParkTaylor St & Cameron Ave Port Coquitlam
Tisdall ParkWest 49 Ave & Ash St Vancouver
Tom Binnie Park10665 City Parkway, Surrey
Topaz ParkFinlayson St & Blanshard St, Victoria
Topham Park21555 91 Ave Langley
Town Centre ParkPinetree Way & Pinewood Ave Coquitlam
Townsend Park45130 Wolfe Rd Chilliwack
Trafalgar Park3990 Trafalgar St, Vancouver
Trafalgar Park EastWest 23 Ave & Trafalgar St, Vancouver
Trafalgar School4170 Trafalgar Street Vancouver
Trasolini Field300 Ioco Rd, Port Moody
Trillium TurfMalkin Ave & Thornton St., Vancouver
Tsawwassen Turf1025 56 St Tsawwassen
Tzeachten Park46770 Bailey Road, Chilliwack
UBC A, B & C3055 Wesbrook Mall, Vancouver
UBC Turf3050 E Mall, UBC, Vancouver
UBC Baseball AT3050 E Mall, UBC, Vancouver (SW corner of Thunderbird Park)
UBC Warren3050 E Mall, UBC, Vancouver - West side of Thunderbird Park
UBC Varsity3050 E Mall, UBC, Vancouver - Center of Thunderbird Park
University Hill Elementary5395 Chancellor Blvd, Vancouver
University Hill Secondary3228 Ross Road, Vancouver
Unwin Park13313 68 Ave, Surrey
Uplands Elementary School4471 - 207A Street, Langley
Upper Lynn Elem. School1540 Coleman Rd North Vancouver
UpperSumas FieldVye Rd & Whatcom Rd, Abbotsford
Vancouver Technical2650 Slocan St, Vancouver
Van Horn School5855 Ontario Street, Vancouver
Varsity Field3050 E Mall, Vancouver
Vedder Middle School45560 S Sumas Rd, Sardis
Victoria ParkSoball St & Victoria Dr Coquitlam
Viewlynn Park2510 Viewlynn Dr North Vancouver
Wade Road Park6500 Wade Rd Delta
Walnut Grove School8899 Walnut Grove Dr Langley
Walnut Grove Secondary School8919 Walnut Grove Drive Langley
Walter Lee School Park9491 Ash St Richmond
Warren Field - UBC3050 E Mall, Vancouver
Watson Elementary45305 Watson Rd, Chilliwack
Waverly School6111 Elliot St, Vancouver
Wesburn AWMoscrop St & Patterson Ave Burnaby
Wesburn ParkMoscrop St & Patterson Ave Burnaby
West Bay3175 Thompson Pl, West Vancouver
Westcot Field760 Westcot Road, West Vancouver
West Heights Elementary32065 Van Velzen Ave Mission
West Langley Park20879 93 Ave Langley
West Point Grey Park8th Ave & Discovery St Vancouver
WesthillGlenayre Dr & College Park Way Port Moody
Westover Comm. School3467 Duval Rd North Vancouver
Westridge SchoolHastings St & Duncan Ave Burnaby
Westview Elem. School1660 Bewicke Ave North Vancouver
Westview Park6500 Westview Dr Delta
Westview Secondary20905 Wicklund Ave Maple Ridge
Westwind School11371 Kingfisher Dr Richmond
Whalley Athletic Park13350 105 A Ave, Surrey
Whiteside School Park9262 Williams Rd Richmond
William Griffin Park851 W Queens Rd North Vancouver
William Lucas CentreHamilton Ave & 21st St, North Vancouver
Willingdon Heights ParkWilliam St & Carleton Ave Burnaby
Willoughby Park20605 84 Ave Langley
Willoughby Turf7755 202A Street, Langley
Windermere School AW3155 East 27th Avenue Vancouver
Windsor Sec. School931 Broadview Ave, North Vancouver
Windsor AT931 Broadview Ave, North Vancouver
Winskill Park1025 56 St Tsawwassen
Winslow OvalGatensbury Rd & Lemax Ave, Coquitlam
Wolfe SchoolE. 27 & Ontario St, Vancouver
Woodland ParkAdanac St & Woodland Dr Vancouver
Woodwards School10300 Seacote Rd Richmond