If you are a player or a parent who has a received a Discount Code from your organization, this article will let you know how, when, and where you input your code to receive your discount.

How to Redeem a Discount Code

During registration you will see a text box labeled "Discount Code" - enter your code here

Confirm the discount code applied, and complete the Registration Process.

You’re all set!  You can view your invoice by going to "Invoices" from your dashboard to confirm your discount has been redeemed.

Note: Discount Codes can only be used on registrations, not product orders.

Discount Code Troubleshooting

1) I don't see the Discount Code box during registration.
- Program Administrators can restrict the usage of discount codes for certain programs.  Contact your organization to see if this is the case!  They may simply need allow the code for the program.

1) My Discount Code isn't working.
- Double check you've entered it correctly.  If it still isn't working, contact your program administrator for more information.